Product: Water4Gas Competition “X” Hybrid Car
Your investment $200 or less $1,200 + $400 installation $17,000
Power Boost 15-20% 15-20% 0
Reduce emissions Yes Yes Not on highway!
IRS Refund Support? YES! No Yes
Noise Reduction Excellent Excellent Not on highway!
Make money on referrals? YES! No No
Permission to replicate? YES! No way! No way!
Monthly Operation (1) 31¢/mo 31¢/mo expensive batteries every 5 years
You Save Monthly (2) $104.70 $104.70 $29.90
You Save Yearly (2) $1,256 $1,256 $359
Time to cover investment 57 days! 15.3 months 47 Years
Time to cover investment in a LARGE TRUCK 4 days! ???
(1) Estimated yearly consumption of 4 Gallons of distilled water +1 box of catalyst. BUT REMEMBER that if broken, the alternatives will cost $100’s or $1000’s to fix – instead of pennies as in
Water4Gas! (you will get full instructions and full access to our suppliers).

(2) Estimated gas savings based on a 20-MPG car driving 2000 miles/mo using $3/Gallon gas.

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