ClickBank Tracking Id is a new feature to serve the affiliates or product promoters. Before this tracking was introduced, affiliates have been engaging themselves in at least two affiliate accounts to get a sales track– an account for advertising and another account for the results of searches. Affiliates have done such since that is the only method they can think of to track the investment returns. Of course, that must have been very taxing to do and go over at sometimes. With tracking, transactions have been made easier.

How do you set up a ClickBank Tracking code for your transactions? Tracking codes can be up to a maximum character of 8, using numeric and alphabet alone. Do not waste your time trying to create more than 8 character-codes; this will be reduced automatically to its proper limit size. If tracking codes have characters that are not numeric and alpha in nature, it will be removed from the systems of links, orders, and other reports of transaction. Tracking codes that are also set to lower and upper cases will be changed automatically to upper case.

You could name your tracking id or your tag links the way you want it to. So, it is more convenient for you to track your sales by going to the Analytics page to see the sales generated from any of the links.

ClickBank Tracking displays an overall look at what is happening at the ClickBank Marketplace such as comprehensive statistical reports regarding every area of ClickBank. It also showcases information on new and terminated products for easy tracking of affiliates. You can make quick picks after viewing the preferred products for your promotion as well as quick pull outs of products that were withdrawn. To make sound choices and decisions for your revenue, they also have a thorough product ranking history that is listed in each category. It eve provides comprehensive information about the affiliates working on each category of ClickBank. The ranking, product listing, and other charts are based on the affiliate’s checks and, commission and product rates. As a whole, tracking is an absolute method of gathering important information for the use of affiliates working for ClickBank.

The downside is what if the ClickBank Tracking system encounters failures or other technical problems like expiration, rejection or deletion of browser cookies? Good thing, ClickBank has made the reliable system through referral method, wherein the computer of a client should accept a cookie for the tracking system. This technology has been continuously being advanced and developed for better security and accuracy of information being provided to affiliates and clients. In this case, affiliates will not have to worry for rejection of cookies and loss of commissions.

Nothing in this world is ever perfectly made or invented. Something always put to test man-made innovations. We can not say that technology can be fixed at all rates at any time. But I can say that this ClickBank Tracking is one great work of a genius mind.

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