The answer is a bothersome and a dirty yes. To spy on affiliates is as easy as securing the spy software on the net. You can purchase the software. You can use it for your personal advantage and competitiveness. And nobody is going to make you accountable for this dirty act.

Affiliate spying has been a very controversial and familiar tactic of many affiliates in the marketplace nowadays. Well, because this spy on affiliates’ software enables you to see the corresponding affiliates for every product. This way you are able to get the identities of any good affiliate-performer that you target for your product selling. You can persuade them into shifting to your side for product promotion. But you can not steal them just like that. You must also have the right product worthy of their promotions. Here lies the fact that what affiliates are initially looking for is the reputation of the product owner and the product itself is saleable. If that happens, they will be loyal to you since they are making money out of it. Besides, even if you have the spy software but the wrong product for your affiliates, you can not make things work out with them.

Aside from the fat that spy software can make you spy on affiliates, it can also help you to outdo the selling performance or standing of your fellow vendor or affiliate. You have to look inside how they start their moves and their marketing strategies. You will have access in their campaigns and how they handle these campaigns for the productivity of their products. Through this spying, you can actually build counterattacks to their products. You can also copy their ideas and make some improvements in their campaigns to bring you better results. You can earn bigger income by attracting their customers to your end. The revenue is all yours.

Is the spy software illegal? As I have said earlier, there are no regulations yet as to this problem. Since it is being rampantly sold over the net, it disguises the problem of legality. It seems to have been a much more acceptable act because of this internet openness.

Do you find it ethical or unethical to spy on affiliates? Of course, it is unethical to do so because you are taking away something valuable from another people’s great idea or future pocket earnings. You are letting them lose the game while you constantly win the situation – in an unfair manner. You are taking a good company down for your benefit.

But that is how you play the game now in sales and marketing even though it is completely dirty and selfish. Either you play the game with your own spy software against them, or you play dead the whole time. Talk about how the end justifies the means. One thing is for sure though, the spy software is now being regarded as a method for competitive aptitude or tactical intelligence in the marketplace.

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David Jackson has been spying on the other Competitor’s websites selling Clickbank and Paydotcom Products for some time since this marvellous Software “Affiliate Crusher” has been available since 1st May 2008. Essential information and powerful tools can be found at

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